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in AM, use 美国英语用 traveling, traveled

1. (常指长途)旅行,行进
If you travel, you go from one place to another, often to a place that is far away.

e.g. You had better travel to Helsinki tomorrow...
e.g. Granny travelled down by train…

I love travelling...
Getting to and from school involves two hours' travelling a day.

2. (长途)旅行
Travel is the activity of travelling.

e.g. Information on travel in New Zealand is available at the hotel…
e.g. He detested air travel.

3. 周游;走遍;在…游历
If you travel the world, the country, or the area, you go to many different places in the world or in a particular country or area.

e.g. Dr Ryan travelled the world gathering material for his book...
e.g. He has had to travel the country in search of work.

4. (光、声音)传送,传播
When light or sound from one place reaches another, you say that it travels to the other place.


e.g. When sound travels through water, strange things can happen...
e.g. Light travels at around 300,000,000 metres per second.
光以每秒约 30 万公里的速度传播。

5. (消息)传播,流传
When news becomes known by people in different places, you can say that it travels to them.

e.g. News of his work traveled all the way to Asia...
e.g. Seems like news travels pretty fast around here.

6. 漫游;游历
Someone's travels are the journeys that they make to places a long way from their home.

e.g. He also collects things for the house on his travels abroad.

7. see also: travelling;much-travelled;well-travelled

8. 轻装旅行
If you travel light, you travel without taking much luggage.

9. (食品等货物)宜于长途运输,经得起长途运输
If goods such as food products travel well, they can be transported a long way without being damaged or their quality being spoiled.


e.g. Ripe fruit does not travel well, but unripe fruit can be transported worldwide.

10. (思想、方法或样式)广为流传,盛行各地
If you say that an idea, a method, or a style travels well, you mean that it can be appreciated or used by people in several different countries, and not just in the country where it began.

e.g. That brand of humour generally travels well.

The noun travel is used to talk about the general activity of travelling. It is either uncount or plural. You cannot say 'a travel', you would use the word trip or journey instead. First-class rail travel to Paris or Brussels is included… I picked them up recently on a trip to Manhattan.
名词 travel 用于谈论一般性的旅行活动,既可用作不可数名词,也可用复数形式。不能说 a travel,而应该以 trip 或 journey 代替:First-class rail travel to Paris or Brussels is included (其中包括坐火车头等车厢去巴黎或布鲁塞尔的行程),I picked them up recently on a trip to Manhattan. (这些东西是我最近一次去曼哈顿时买的)。

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