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1. It was only the next day that someone passing the whiteboard pointed out that it should have been spelt Googol.

2. We chose our system name, Google, because it is a common spelling of googol, or 10100 and fits well with our goal of building very large-scale search engines.
我们选择我们的系统名称,谷歌,因为它是一个天文数字,或10 100常见的拼写,并且非常适合我们建设这么大型的搜索引擎以及目标。

3. The design is tested by the GLIP2003 inverted pendulum system of the Googol Technology CO.

4. Dirac's Googol Hypothesis tells us that there exists the relationship of approximate equality of quantity levels among some very large numbers, while Dicke's Anthropic Principle points out that this kind of equality results from the present universal stage which is suitable for human existence.

5. googol.

5. And the generation of big prime number and the googol computation are also solved in this system.

6. It actualizes stability control in the Googol linear Inverted pendulum system, and analyses the advantage and disadvantage through the simulation result.

7. With high-speed and high-precision, GE collection motion controller that Googol produces, can satisfy the developing requirements of carving processing.

8. 911查询·英语单词大全

8. What was the story behind the naming of the number " googol "?

9. googol.的解释

9. Real emulate using the designed control methods by means of the Googol MATLAB real time control software;

10. Based on this architecture, the structure of the Open-CNC platform based on GTS motion controller of Googol Company was studied, as well as its functions, communication model and interface of NC platform Layer.

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11. Then, the mechanical structure and function of the stone bridge cutting machine is introduced briefly. The system hardware structure is constructed and the googol motion control card is used as the control core.

12. googol.

12. Firstly, based on a two-dimensional numerical control turntable product by googol company, a precise mathematic model of the turntable is established by langrage equation.

13. The researching results of this paper are applied to linear inverted pendulum experiment equipment produced by googol technology LTD so as to verify the effectiveness of the control law. The results of experiments proves that the controller via this method has a good control effect.

14. googol.

14. Application of GOOGol-motion Contol Card in Numerical Control System of Gear Lapping Machines Tool

15. That was appropriate, since Google sounds plain weird in English too, reflecting its geeky co-founders'inability to spell the term googol.

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