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1. 通过对甲醇气相脱水制二甲醚反应特点的研究,提出了使用拟等温管式反应器的概念;并用二维数学模型进行了数学模拟;在该模型上进行了操作条件对催化床温度分布影响的模拟研究,从而提出了该反应器的结构尺寸,为甲醇气相脱水制二甲醚的大型化开发提供了设计依据。
Two dimension mathematical model of the tube reactor for dimethyl ether synthesis from methanol was established The temperature and concentration profiles in axial and radial direction for this tube reactor with change of operating condition were obtained with finite difference method, so as to provide design data for developing largescale plant of synthesizing dimethyl ether from methano

2. 纵观国内外能源形势,在我国发展二甲醚等煤基醇醚燃料,符合产业政策,市场前景良好。
From the global energy market, methanolbased DME has already been a new energy to be encouraged to develop in near future.

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3. 本文介绍了二甲醚燃料在柴油机上的实验研究和发展概况。
This article introduce the experimental study and the development of Dimethyl Ether operated on diesel engine.

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4. 为目前正在进行的二甲醚汽车和其它用途研究提供急需的物性数据。
It just provides the data in need of the dimethyl ether automobile research.

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5. 本公司主营业务是二甲醚和致冷剂。
The company's main business areas are dimethyl ether and refrigerant.

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6. 研究了不同添加量的二甘醇二甲醚和15-冠醚-5两种助溶剂对聚合成反应的影响,结果表明,反应体系中添加10%二甘醇二甲醚(二甘醇二甲醚∶甲苯的体积比),PMPES的产率明显提高,分子量趋于单分散分布。
The results show that addition of 10%(diglyme∶toluen e by volume) diglyme as a cosolvent to the reaction mixture leads to the yield i ncrease of PMPES with a monomodal distribution of molecular weight.

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7. 三环戊二烯在一缩二乙二醇二甲醚或四氢呋喃中经n-BuLi处理后,随之与Mo6加热,生成相应的环戊二烯基羰基钼负离子锂盐[η^5-{(Me3Si)3C5H5-n}Mo^-3]Li^+(n=2,3)(1),同时观察到有脱硅基现象发生。1与X(CH2)3X在一缩二乙二醇二甲醚中反应,无论X=I或Br,均生成标题化合物[X=I:n=3(2),n=2(3); X=Br:n=3(4),n=2(5)]。1与X(CH2)3X的反应如在THF中进行,则只有当X=I时才能生成环卡宾钼配合物。
The corresponding lithium salt of molybdenum anion [η^5-{(Me3Si)nC5H5-n}Mo^-3]Li^+, 1, (n=2, 3) was formed. Meanwhile, desilylation was observed. The reaction of 1 with X(CH2)3X was carried out in diglyme, either X=I or Br, all gave the title complexes [X=I: n=3(2), n=2(3 X=Br: n=3(4), n=2(5)]. If the same reaction was carried out in THF, only when X=I, the cylic carbene complexes could be formed. The structures of 2-5 were characterized by elemental analyses, IR, 1H NMR and 13C NMR spectra.

8. 在此基础上,计算二甲醚芳构化体系各主要反应的标准摩尔焓变ΔH、吉布斯自由能变ΔG、平衡常数ln K与温度T的关系。
On this basis, the standard molar enthalpy, the Gibbs free energy change and the reaction equilibrium constant of the main reaction for the selective conversion of dimethyl ether to aromatic at different temperature were calculated.

9. 其中:尿素120万吨、甲醇45万吨、纯碱15万吨、氯化铵15万吨、碳铵10万吨、复肥30万吨、三聚氰胺3万吨、二甲醚1万吨、硝酸、硝铵、硝盐等其它产品20多万吨、塑料编织袋2000万套,化工机械设备制造能力2万吨。
One of: 1, 200, 000 tons of urea, 450, 000 tons of methanol, 150, 000 tons of soda ash, ammonium chloride, 150, 000 tons, ammonium bicarbonate 100, 000 tons, 300, 000 tons of compound fertilizer, 30, 000 tons of melamine, 10, 000 tons of dimethyl ether, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, and other Products more than 20 million tons, 20 million sets of plastic bags, chemical machinery and equipment manufacturing capacity 20, 000 tons.

10. 应用单区燃烧模型和已建立的二甲醚氧化反应机理,对二甲醚的HCCI过程进行了模拟计算,研究了变压缩比和不同的冷却EGR率对二甲醚的HCCI特性的影响。
The chemical reaction mechanism of Dimethly Ether and single zone combustion model are used to investigate the effects of compression ratio and cold EGR rate on HCCI combustion characteristics.

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11. 此部分研究为国家重点基础研究发展规划项目的资助课题,其中有关二甲醚的临界参数与临界轨迹等的研究已经美国 ACS 的 Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 杂志上发表,有关临界参数测量方法的分析已经在第八届 ATPC 会议上宣读,并被推荐到 Fluid Phase Equilibria 上发表
This investigation is supported by the project of National Basic Research Priorities Program of Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The results of the critical parameters and coexistence curve of dimethyl ether have been published in the Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data. the new method of critical parameter determination was reported in the 8th ATPC and recommended to be published in Fluid Phase Equilibria

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12. 将金属钠溶解于乙二醇单甲醚生成钠盐后立即与溴代乙醛二乙醇缩醛反应,合成了半合成大环内酯类抗生素的重要中间体2-(2-甲氧基乙氧基)乙醛二乙醇缩醛,避免了旧有工艺需使用价格昂贵且危险性较高的原料氢化钠的缺点。
Methoxyethoxy)acetaldehyde diethyl acetal, an important intermediate for the semi-synthesis of macrolide antibiotics, was prepared by dissolving metallic sodium in methoxyethanol and immediately condensing with bromoacetaldehyde diethyl acetal. The drawback of the old method to use the expensive and dangerous material sodium hydride was avoided.

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13. 在此基础上,研究了以煤或渣油为原料制得的合成气、以天然气为原料制得的合成气在不同压力、温度下的平衡组成、CO的平衡转化率及该操作条件下的二甲醚与甲醇的平衡选择性。
The feed gas is come from coal and natural gas.

14. 青蒿素类衍生物包括二氢青蒿素、蒿甲醚、蒿乙醚和青蒿琥酯等,它们具有诸多治疗呼吸系统疾病的药理活性,包括治疗卡氏肺孢子虫肺炎、支气管哮喘、对肺组织损伤的保护作用。
Artemisinin derivatives including dihydroartemisinin, artemether, arteether and Artesunate which have effects on diseases of respiratory, the diseases include Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, bronchial asthma and acute lung injury lung.

15. 通过比较液化石油气和二甲醚的各种燃烧特性参数以及在20Y 灶具上的火孔出口流速,确定气源改为二甲醚后20Y 灶具的改造方案,通过实验最终确定液化石油气灶具改用二甲醚后的结构参数。
By comparing the various parameters of combustion characteristics between LPG and dimethyl ether and the exit speed of burner port of 20Y range, the reconstruction scheme of 20Y range is determined after the gas source is converted to DME.

16. 以2,4-二硝基氯苯为原料,经甲醇醚化先制得2,4-二硝基苯甲醚,再经Raney镍催化氢化得2,4-二氨基苯甲醚,不分离直接进行选择性酰化,合成出重要分散染料中间体3-氨基-4-甲氧基乙酰苯胺,品质稳定,全程收率大于80%。
Amino-4-methoxy-acetanilide, an important intermediate for disperse azo dyes, was prepared by selective acylation of 2, 4-diaminoanisole, which was synthesized by hydrogenation of 2, 4-dinitroanisole in the presence of Raney Ni.

17. 可能是甲醇或者其他合适的溶剂,例如二乙醇甲醚,可以用做稀释剂。
Either methanol or other suitable solvent, such as ethylene glycol monomethyl ether, may be used as the diluent.

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18. 二甲醚可以直接灌注式替代R134a,但会造成蒸发器出口过热度降低,需对膨胀阀弹簧预紧力进行调整,才能充分发挥二甲醚的制冷性能。
DME can be directly filled into auto air conditioner to replace R134a, but the spring pretension of thermal expansion valve should be slightly increased to raise superheat degree at evaporator outlet for ensuring the refrigeration efficiency of DME.

19. 结果表明,二甲醚和三甲基氧鎓离子在HSAPO-34分子筛上的生成能垒分别为1.68和0.93eV,中间体氧鎓叶立德不能稳定存在,同时表明C-C键通过协同反应形成的能垒均超过3.0ev。
The calculated results indicate that the energy bathers for the formation of dimethyl ether and trimethyl oxonium ion inside HSAPO-34 zeolite are 1.68 and 0.93 eV, respectively. The suggested intermediate oxonium ylide is very unstable and the energy barriers for the formation of C-C bond are over 3.0 eV by concerted pathway.

20. 2-氨基-6-甲氧基苯骈噻唑、2-氨基苯骈噻唑、藜芦醛、藜芦酸、藜芦醚、6-硝基藜芦酸、2,5-二氯苯甲酸、3-硝基-4-氯苯甲酸、3-硝基苯甲酸、对甲氧基苯甲酸、苯甲醚、对甲氧基苯乙酮、β-氯代苯乙烷、β-溴代苯乙烷、N,N-二乙基间甲苯甲酰胺、氨基乙腈盐酸盐、磷酸二苯月桂酯、5-氯-2-苯骈噻唑酮、6-溴-2-萘酚、6-硝基藜芦酸甲酯、4-氯苯氧乙酸
Amino-6-methoxy Benzothiazole 99%、2-Amino Benzothiazole 99%、Veratraldehyde 99%、Veratric Acid 99%、1, 2- Dimethoxy Benzene 99%、6-Nitroveratric Acid 97%、2, 5-Dichlorobenzoic Acid 99%、4-Chloro-3-Nitrobenzoic Acid 99%、3-Nitrobenzole Acid 98%、p-Methoxybenzoie Acid 99%、Anisole 99.5%、p-Methoxyacetophenonc 99%、(2`-Chloroethyl) Benzene 99%、(2`-Bromoethyl) Benzene 99%、N, N-Diethyi-m-Toiuamide 99%、Aminoacetonitrile Hydrochloride 98%、Alkyl Diphenyl Phosphate Estrel 98%、5-Chloro-2-benzothiazolone 99%、6-bromo-2-naphthol 98%、6-Nitro-Veretric Acid Estrel 97%、4-chloro phenoxyaeetic 99

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