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1. 本发明涉及一种智能流体流量调节装置,其包括在流体流量通道中具有可移动相关节流元件的压力调节器。
An intelligent fluid flow regulation device that includes a pressure regulator within a fluid flow passage that has an associated throttling element moveable in the flow passage.

2. 通过建立的室内模拟实验装置,对节流井的泡沫排水采气进行了研究。
By the establishment of the laboratory experimental, we research the foam drainage in throttling well.

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3. 文章对旁路烟道的减温减压装置进行了专门设计,采用新颖的高速文丘里雾化冷却器和小孔节流降压消音器相结合的方法,实现了不同工况下高温高压含尘烟气的减温减压排放。
In this paper, the venturi spray attemperator and the depressurizer with minute orifices are designed and applied novelly to discharge the high-temperature and high-pressure gas with particle reliably.

4. 井下节流技术将井下节流器置于油管某一适当位置来实现井筒节流降压,并充分利用地热对油管内流体加热,使节流后气流温度高于节流后压力条件下的水合物形成初始温度,从而达到降低地面管线压力,取消地面加热保温装置、降低气井开采成本的目的。
Downhole throttling technology is to adjust downhole pressure through installing the throttle valve in an appropriate position on the tube. The gas flowing through the throttle valve is heated up by the geotherm and the conditions of gas hydrate formation are changed, so as to effectively prevent gas hydrate formation, decrease transportation pipeline pressure, eliminate attemperator, and reduce the cost of gas production.

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5. 针对天然气井安装并下节流装置以后很难测得节流嘴上游压力的情况,从空气动力学的原理出发,提出根据井口采集的数据,从节流嘴下游向上游计算其喉部和上游的压力温度综合值的数值计算方法。
A numerical method is established to describe the distribution of pressure and temperature in the natural gas wellbone with downhole choke from wellhead to bottom. The Mach number in the outlet of the choke is calculated and used to discriminate the flow state.

6. TPS节流阀位置感知器,此装置可以提供油门的即时资料来跟引擎转速等资料作比较判断当时引擎的负荷状态,调整引擎的点火进角,来获得较佳的燃烧效率,获得较高的动力,并能达到省油的效果,但是成本比CDI来的高。
TPS throttle position sensor, this device can provide real-time information to throttle with the engine speed information for comparison to determine engine load condition at the time, adjusting the engine ignition into the corner to get a better combustion efficiency to obtain a higher power, and to achieve the effect of fuel-efficient, but the cost of high CDI.

7. 针对海上油田所用国外采油井口装置存在体积庞大笨重、价格昂贵以及与国产设施不配套和安装维护不便等问题,研制了HKY65―21型海上井口装置这种井口装置主要由油管头总成、PHK平板闸阀、井口安全阀、截止阀、卡箍总成、小四通和节流器组成,具有体积小、重量轻、强度高、防腐耐磨、密封可靠和安装维护方便等优点现场使用128套的实践表明,其各项技术性能指标均能满足海洋石油生产的要求,完全可以取代进口产品,经济效益可观
In the light of the problems with imported offshore wellhead, such as being bulky and expensive and being inconvenient to mount and maintain, Model HKY65―21 offshore wellhead is developed. This wellhead consists of tubing head assembly, PHK plate gate valve, safety valve, stop valve, clamp, small four-way connection and choke, and it is small-sized, light-weighted, high-strength, corrosion- and abrasion-resistant, reliably sealed and convenient to mount and maintain. Application shows that the wellhead can satisfy the requirements of offshore production with good performance.

8. 带有上模唇微调装置,下膜唇可调及可更换,灵活,垂直的节流棒调节装置,可生产0.2-5MM的片材衣架式模头,适用于PC,PVC,PS,PP,PE,PVC浪板及XPE发泡片板材等。
Take is tiny to adjust the device up the mold lips, descend the film lips adjustable and can replace, vivid, the reduce expenses of perpendicularity stick regulates the device, can produce a material hanger type mold head of the 0.2-5 MMs, being applicable to the PC, PVC, PS, PP, PE, PVC wave plank and the XPE hair bubble a plank material etc..

9. 通过试验和现场调研,对节流孔板内的流场及结构等进行了系统地分析研究,最终为节流装置及风机试验台的设计提供理论依据。
Flow field and structure in throttle orifice plate is systematically analyzed and studied by experiment and locale research, and finally theoretical foundation is provided for design of throttle equipment and test-bed on blower.

10. 广东省广州石油机械厂注册成立于1958年,80年代初开始独立设计、制造和销售地面防喷器控制装置、气动试压台、电动液控节流管汇控制台等石油机械和备件,产品销往全国各大油田,业内享有盛誉,还出口到世界多个国家和地区。
Guangdong Guangzhou Petroleum Machinery Factory established in 1958, began to develop, design and manufacture Surface Mounted Control System for BOP Stacks, High Pressure Test Unit and Specialized spare parts for oil and natural gas well-drilling and exploration industy.

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11. 快速蒸发是让饱和液流通过节流阀或其它节流装置,使其经历压力减小而发生的部分汽化。
Flash evaporation is the partial vaporization that occurs when a saturated liquid stream undergoes a reduction in pressure by passing through a throttling valve or other throttling device.

12. 直升机亦可加装可在空中做调整的整体仰角及油门节流阀控制的装置。
Anti-torque and yaw control is provided by conventional cockpit pedals connected to the tail rotor pitch control mechanism with steel cables through a quick-disconnect installation.

13. 在此基础上,通过对其数学模型进行了详细的仿真分析,探讨了各种缸内缓冲装置主要结构参数对缓冲效果的影响规律,并比较了其缓冲效果,指出了其适用的场合,其中平板节流缓冲还与试验结果做了对比。
At the same time it points out and establishes flat-shape throttling cushioning process modeling, which is different fromplunger pistons. On the base, detailed simulations and calculations in such theory have been done, then the regularity of structure parameters of every inside-cylinder cushioning devices to cushioning processes and effects have been discussed and compared.

14. 节流管汇、压井管汇是石油勘探实施欠平衡钻井的重要井控装置,该设备能有效控制井涌和溢流。
Choke manifold and Killing manifold are the important well control equipments to carry out under-balanced drilling in petroleum exploration.

15. 采用酸洗法进行锅炉化学清洗时,应注意不锈钢部件(如节流图、温度表套、汽水取样装置等)的防护,防止不锈钢的晶见腐蚀。
When using acid cleaning to conduct the boiler chemical cleaning, attention should be paid to protect stainless steel part (for example throttle chart, thermometer wrap, steam sample device and so on) and prevent intergranular corrosion.

16. 节流装置的翻译

16. 本公司生产的节流装置是用于流量测量的,与差压计或差压变送器配套构成的差压式流量计,该流量计在石油、化工、冶金、电力、轻纺、食品、军工、科研等工业部门的生产过程中,用来进行流体的流量测量,控制和调节。
This company produces the throttling gear is uses in the flow measurement, presses the transmitting instrument necessary constitution with the difference pressure meter or the difference the pressure differential meter, this flowmeter in Industry sector's in and so on petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, food, war industry, scientific research production processes, uses for carries on the fluid the flow measurement, the control and the adjustment.

17. 毛细管是广泛使用于小型制冷装置中的节流元件。
This paper reviews the history and status of experimental and theoretical studies on the flow characteristics of refrigerants flowing through capillary tubes.

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18. 本公司生产的节流装置--整套角接取压,法兰取压和D-D/2径距取压,ISA1932喷嘴,长颈喷嘴和文丘利管,其技术条件符合中华人民共和国国家标准GB2624及国际标准ISO5167的规定,不需要个别标定,除此之外的特殊节流装置,在标准度要求较高时,应进行个别标定。
This company produces throttling gear--Whole set angle receives the pressure, the flange takes presses takes the pressure with the D-D/2 diameter distance, the ISA1932 spray nozzle, the long neck spray nozzle and the article Kewley tube, its engineering factor conforms to People's Republic of China national standards GB2624 and the international standard ISO5167 stipulation, does not need to demarcate individually, special throttling gear in addition, when the standard request is high, should carry on the individual demarcation.

19. 本文利用熵法对涡流管、透平膨胀机及节流阀三种装置进行了研究。
In this paper, a method of entropy has been used to investigate vortex tube, throttle valve and expansion turbine.

20. 带有上模唇微调装置,下膜唇可调及可更换,灵活,垂直的节流棒调节装置,可生产木粉和
Take is tiny to adjust the device up the mold lips, descend the film lips adjustable and can replace, vivid, the reduce expenses of perpendicularity stick regulates the device, can produce the wood powder with

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